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Here's a fun little kiwi catching a ride atop an America bird. Thanks for checking it out! @loosescrewtattoo @glitchgallery #eagletattoo #kiwitattoo #rva #richmondva #danielfarren #neotat #fusionink #eternalink #loosescrewtattoo #glitchgallery #tattoo #birdtattoo #redemptionaftercare @tattooistartmag @inkedmag @inkjunkeyz @worldofnewschool @tattooartistmagazine @neotatmachines
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Start of a Halloween sleeve. I put a bird on it. Thanks for looking at a bad picture of this bloody chicken #crowtattoo #birdtattoo #loosescrewtattoo #glitchgallery #neotat #rva #richmondva #wip @loosescrewtattoo @glitchgallery
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Here's a Nightmare before Christmas inspired piece that isn't quite finished. My client and his wife plan on having 4 kids so he intends on flying back to get the color added to the pumpkins one at a time. Who am I to argue? Some people have it all figured out. Thanks for looking! #jackandsally #nightmarebeforechristmas #loosescrewtattoo #glitchgallery #rva #danielfarren #blackandgreytattoo #richmondva #tattoo #fusionink #neotat @loosescrewtattoo @glitchgallery
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“It’s a Moray”

eel skull web ready pof Here’s my “piece” for Frank LaNatra’s Into the Woods “A Show of Hands” art show. Brought to you by A Pound of Flesh- synthetic tattooable skin.

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My teams for the Two of a Kind Tattoo Collaboration project

Danniel Farren 2 OF A KIND Dates
Here are the 4 artists I’m paired with for the Two of a Kind tattoo collaboration project! I’m ecstatic to be paired with such exceptional and versatile artists. Joe Casal and Jhon Rodriguez from Into the Woods Gallery. J Vall from Studio Evolve. And of course the super talented, Erin Chance. We are looking for open minded collectors that are willing to give us as much creative freedom as possible though we are totally open to ideas. Keep in mind this is a one time event. You must be willing to travel to Into the Woods Gallery in Dania Beach, FL, and you must be available on one of the dates above! If you’re interested in booking with any of these bad asses and myself please email at
You can check out their work on Instagram under these names.
Joe Casal- @joecasalart
J Vall- @jvallart
Jhon Rodriguez- @jhonrodriguez
Erin Chance- @badtastebetsy

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Two Of A Kind Tattoo Collaboration

Two of a Kind Promo
I’m absolutely thrilled and terrified to have been asked to be a part of the Two of a Kind tattoo collaboration project at Frank La Natra’s shop, Into the Woods Gallery. This list includes some of the best in the world, and somehow I’m on it?! 22 artists put into 4 different pairs to create some of the most unique tattoos the world has ever seen! Who wouldn’t want to be apart of this?! Email me if you’re interested in booking!

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What does the Fox say?

Fennec Fox and Giraffe
Here’s a fun tattoo I did of a fennec fox sitting atop a hungry giraffe. This is the beginning of an unintended leg sleeve. No complaints here! Next up- some sort of bird of paradise no ones ever seen! Should be fun!

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The Carnivorous Garden
I had a lot of fun with this one! Its not quite done but I couldn’t wait to post it! We’ve got a pitcher plant, some Venus flytraps, a cobra lily, some sundews and a few flies trying to survive. I hope you love it, Bre! Stay Howardly!

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skull and poppy closeup
A little closer view

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Skulls and Poppy Sleeve

Skull and Poppy Sleeve
I did this sleeve on a super awesome client of mine. She sat like a champ through every second of it! This was a super challenging piece that required taking a lot of reference pictures, messing with lighting and placement to come up with an interesting and believable design that still has flow. Don’t expect to see a whole lot more of this kind of thing from me. My brain is still recovering from this one.

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