Owl with a pocket watch. Check.

owl w watch webready
I know guys. It’s an owl.

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Who doesn’t love a baby owl?

baby owl web ready

Here’s another owl. I swear I can tattoo other subject matter!

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Tattoo Time!

I finally got a healed picture of this pocket watch. This piece was a lot of fun! Do you want something like it? Hit me up!

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Going to call this “OMG! Is That Cashmere?”

Here’s a painting I started a looong time ago that I tried to wrap up recently for yesterdays gallery show at Lucky Bird Tattoo in Annapolis, MD. If you get a chance to stop by there, there’s a ton of great art! Thanks again, Parry Chotipradit! Glad to be a part of it! If anyone is interested in a print please let me know.

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Before it’s posted here, it’s posted on Instagram.

Curious to see what I’m currently working on? I’ve got a lot of ongoing projects that I’ll post here when they’re all done but if you want a sneak peak follow me on Instagram @Danielfarrentattoos!

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Creepy Sneaky Little Graveyard Girl

Here’s a fun and creepy tattoo I recently finished up! This piece was inspired from the movie “The Ring”.

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Here’s a Lovecraft inspired creature I put together. Is it Cthulhu? Maybe! Could be any one of his tentacled monsters. Another project I really enjoyed.

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Phoenix in progress

Here’s a really fun project I’ve been working on. It’s a phoenix. What? That’s not what a phoenix looks like? Fine! Then it’s a hawk on fire! Shut up. Still have a little bit of work to do but I’m too impatient to wait for a finished picture.

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Don’t #!%* with Pooh

Inspired by a dream my client had. I’m not sure what exactly went down between Pooh and Superman, and frankly its none of my business. All I know is I’ll never look at that bear the same way again.

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A little behind the scenes action

Just thought I’d share a piece of the process. Line drawing to outline to a photoshop mock up on the picture of the outline. I think it helps to have a game plan.

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